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One of my friends sent me a link to this site (thanks Kimmy!) and I LOVE it.  The colors and designs can’t help but inspire you.  Check it out here.

A Gift…

From my sister.  She sent a box of eggs home with me and I’ve been working on blowing them out over the last couple days.  I originally meant to decorate them with paper, glitter, etc.  But they’re so pretty on their own, I don’t think I can.

She sent chicken, bantam chicken, goose, and duck eggs in every color.  Notice the chocolate brown ones?  The pale beige ones are the color of your average brown egg.  She has chickens that lay speckled chocolate too.  And with the pale greens and blues–so pretty!

Last night I was exercising and somehow managed to really pull a muscle in my back. Kind of felt like it does when you accidentally grab an electric fence, kwim? This weird buzzing sensation that doesn’t hurt so much as it just feels very very wrong and you are momentarily paralyzed, wanting nothing more than to let go of the fence, but unable to move. (If you have never accidentally grabbed an electric fence, you’ll have to take my word for it. Klutz that I am I have had the experience too many times to count. (Oh, and the one place it really does hurt is in your teeth if you have fillings.))

Anyhow. It didn’t hurt too much then, but got progressively worse until I went to bed after taking some painkillers. And this morning it’s still bothering me. And somehow I have to go lift Autumn out of her crib, lift her up to the changing table, put her back down, and lift her up to the highchair all before breakfast. This will be an interesting day.

finally a picture

this blog has been sadly lacking in photos lately.  so here’s a new layout I just threw together in a few minutes.  It’s my little cousin at the beach.  Dontcha love that hair?!

Detail of the photo corner flowers

I did this challenge in combination with my layout for KMA’s top scrapper contest.  You can see it here

I was quite happy with it, until I added the required doodling.  I tried to keep it minimal, but it still messed up the clean streamlined feel of the layout.  Maybe I’ll take it apart and re-do it in the future.

I hoard so many things, but ribbon is by far the thing I have the most of piling up in my craft room.  This itty bitty ric-rac is something I have been holding onto for a LONG time, not wanting to use it up.  I also have a lot of little metal embellishments that I have been holding onto for a long time, so I used one up here.  Also 7Gypsies stickers.  I love ’em!

Mud Baby

and believe it or not, i did actually get that outfit clean…after about 4 times through the washer.

sneak peek

don’t have time to upload them now, but here’s a sneak peek of yesterday’s photos…

a magazine has requested a layout and some cards!  very happy!

Going to start out easy this time, so don’t panic.  What is the one thing you hoard the most?  Is it that gorgeous patterned paper?  Chipboard? Rub ons? Ribbon?  Lol!  All of these are bad for me!

Pick the one thing you hoard the most and then choose one of your favorite items in that category (yes, it really has to be a favorite–we’re trying to use up some of our stash here!).  And then create with it!

Layout, card, altered item.  It doesn’t matter.  Just use up some of that stash.   Want even more of a challenge?  Try not to use anything on the project that you’ve gotten in the last three months.

Post a link here when you’re done.  🙂  (unless you’re trying for scrapper of the year, in which case you can keep it for your never before seen file.)

P.S.  I don’t really have the budget to give out prizes for these layouts, but there may be an occasional itty bitty RAK.

enough already

first week of spring, right?


yup. 80s today. 85 tomorrow, 87 on Sunday.

enough already!