Okay, so I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately.  I bought The Look Book by Autumn Leaves to see if it would help.  It had lots of pretty pictures and some cool ideas, but I don’t think it’s really going to help me define my style.  The blog might be a little more helpful though–so I’m going to keep an eye on it.  Here’s a link.

I haven’t been able to play along yet, since these next few days are about cleaning the house rather than scrapbooking, but I do want to play with some of the challenges.  Especially the new one about using your home decor and how it reflects in your scrapping style.  Though I may have to do it backwards, since most of the house hasn’t been decorated yet.  🙂  (The living/dining room colors and decor definitely show why I love the Basic Grey Urban Couture collection so much though.  And the retro 50s bathroom with yellow and black tile walls shows how I also like stuff on the complete other end of the spectrum. I guess my house is reflecting my mixed up style too.  Hmmmm…. =-D)

One thing I do know about myself.  I LOVE the way negative space looks on a layout.  When I’m looking through a magazine or book I really find myself drawn to the layouts that really use negative space to showcase photos.  More cardstock, patterned paper in moderation.  Yet, when I scrap I CAN’T leave that negative space.  Okay, maybe a couple of times, but it’s really really hard for me.  As in almost a physical pain to put the layout down without embellishing it to death or covering everything with patterned papers.   I guess all that empty space just scares me.

So after I get the house cleaned up and do some work on the outside project I need to finish in the next couple weeks (way too many pictures to use negative space in this one), I’m going to really practice making layouts with negative space.  Doing just enough and then stopping.  Even though it’s hard.