Just going to share one of my favorite blogs with you, and one project in particular.

I’m always checking Lisa Pace’s blog ( www.lisapace.com ) for new inspiration.  She does a huge variety of projects and generally updates pretty frequently.  She does work for several Design Teams, so it’s great to look at her stuff to get ideas about what’s new in the scrapbooking world, too.   

During the Christmas season I was so amazed by the sheer amount of work she was posting that I finally asked her much time she spends on scrapping.  The answer–at least 40 hours a week!!!

This is one project I was particularly impressed by.  I’ve always loved the look of really large photos on a scrapbooking page (though I rarely remember to get enlargements made), but I REALLY liked the look she created in this minibook, alternating full page photos with full page embellishments.  Check it out…