I know bunches of us are starting out the new year sorting out our scrapping spaces. So far, other than a few pages at the crop, that’s about all I’ve done. I spent last night going through all of my patterned paper. Sorting it, labeling it, and moving from 12×12 drawers to vertical storage. (I don’t even have a ton of paper, but I’ve been rediscovering stuff that I didn’t remember I had.)

All this organizing can also be pretty frustrating though. There are so many things that I would like to help organize that I just can’t afford. Having more space would be so nice…

So I thought, why not inspire each other with our favorite
organizational thing? A method, a particularly useful container or binder, a word of advice. Something to keep us going as we work on the never-ending task of organization.

-My absolute favorite thing is my pen and pencil storage. I keep
them in cigar boxes I got at the local cigar store. They’re exactly
the right size and they also look really cool sitting on my desk. It
makes them easy to transport as well, since I don’t have to worry about them spilling out everywhere.

-I also like my ribbon storage (mostly because it looks so pretty). I’m a ribbon addict and I keep it on dowel rods attached to wall with brackets. (Don’t tell anyone, but there are three rods FULL and another basket of overflow spools sitting on my desk–AHHHH.)

-The most useful thing I’ve ever used to organize small embellishments are the floss boxes you can pick up at sewing and craft stores. I have one with brads and eyelets, another with buttons, another with metal embellishments, etc. They hold a lot, keep it organized and are so easy to throw into the car for crops.

-Also, I LOVE my new cropper hopper photo storage case!

So what are your favorite storage solutions???