I don’t know about y’all, but most days I find myself rushing through the day with not much of a focus.  You know–dishes, diaper changes, vacuum, dust, cook, work, etc. without really thinking about WHY I’m doing it.  It’s just a race throughout the day until I can fall into bed at night. 

Ali Edward’s newsletter this morning really inspired me.  She suggested choosing a single word to reflect on throughout the new year.  A word that you can focus on everyday and which can motivate you as you work, scrap, and live.

Last year she chose the word “play” and tried to incorporate it into all areas of her life–seeing it as living without fear, adding playfulness to all areas of life, and trying new things.

I would really encourage you to check out her newsletter for this week and choose a word that you can celebrate this year. (You can find her blog here http://aliedwards.typepad.com/_a_/2007/01/one_little_word.html  and you can sign up for the newsletter there as well.)

This would be a great chance to scrap an “about me” page.  Choose the word you would like to focus on this year and journal about what the word means to you and use it in connection with your goals for this year.

So what is your word for the year?  What does it mean to you?