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…or at least it feels like it. I’ve spent 8 or 10 hours over the last two days attempting to upload and/or print photos and NOTHING WORKS!!!! ARGH! First the computer wasn’t cooperating. Matt fixed that problem, but now the websites I’m attempting to use keep bumping me off before they’ve finished loading. ARGHHHHHH!!!!!

So for now, I admit defeat. I may just have to save them to CDs and mail them to people. (If the CD drive decides to cooperate. We’re running a laptop on restore disks for a desktop and there’s no telling what things will decide to work and what doesn’t. )

Love Notes

The other day all I wanted to do was make valentines. I think it’s my mom’s fault. When we were little kids she would make a big beautiful card box and get out lots of craft supplies for us this time of year. Paper lace doilies, paint, construction paper, glitter, glue…we would make a HUGE mess. But it was so fun. So I spent most of a day making valentines. Listed a few on Etsy.


I’ve seen a couple different people with these purses lately. One of many things I wish I could make. They’re just so cute…though this pic isn’t the greatest, cause you can’t see the peach. 🙂

here’s the link

Book Suggestions?

any good ideas for read aloud books? i want to pick out a couple to do this year, as we’re cutting down on tv, etc.

for those here over MLK day…I promise I will send pics out to you soon. We have the laptop back (sort of), but I’ve been running around like mad trying to get ready for the class I taught this weekend and haven’t had a chance to work on uploading them. I’ll send out a link as soon as I get a chance.

Beginner Class

teaching my first ever class tomorrow.  fingers crossed.

I want it ALL!!!!

Pure Joy

So many sneak peeks of new products out there that I could spend all day online browsing through them.  Check out this blog for some cute LOs with the new MME products:

posted to their home page.  Check ’em out!  Lovin’ those new oval 97% certifiable stamps.