I’m finished!  I bought 75 clear cellophane bags for the biscotti, thinking I would probably use about half of them.  The rest could be used for the quick breads I make right before Christmas (banana, zucchini, pumpkin).  Well, after the last batch which finished this morning…there are 2 baggies left.  That’s right, two. 

So there are 73 bags of biscotti done.  With 6 pieces in each (or five if they were too big).  Each with a 3×5 handmade christmas tag made from patterned paper, cardstock, silver pipecleaners and lots of silver ink.  (I still have a few of these to finish.)

The process went a lot smoother this year than it has in the past, due largely to the fact that I actually had space to spread out all the slices and let them cool and drizzle them with chocolate and all that stuff.  I’ve also gotten the process down to a science after making so much.  🙂

 And I have plenty of leftover ends and broken pieces to keep us eating it for a week or two. 

 If we ever get the computer back I’ll post some pictures of my “assembly line.”

 Now to get the house back in shape and finish off my paper christmas projects…