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I’m finished!  I bought 75 clear cellophane bags for the biscotti, thinking I would probably use about half of them.  The rest could be used for the quick breads I make right before Christmas (banana, zucchini, pumpkin).  Well, after the last batch which finished this morning…there are 2 baggies left.  That’s right, two. 

So there are 73 bags of biscotti done.  With 6 pieces in each (or five if they were too big).  Each with a 3×5 handmade christmas tag made from patterned paper, cardstock, silver pipecleaners and lots of silver ink.  (I still have a few of these to finish.)

The process went a lot smoother this year than it has in the past, due largely to the fact that I actually had space to spread out all the slices and let them cool and drizzle them with chocolate and all that stuff.  I’ve also gotten the process down to a science after making so much.  🙂

 And I have plenty of leftover ends and broken pieces to keep us eating it for a week or two. 

 If we ever get the computer back I’ll post some pictures of my “assembly line.”

 Now to get the house back in shape and finish off my paper christmas projects…

Life equals…


At the moment anyway. Lots and lots and lots of biscotti. 16 recipes of it, to be exact.

“Now Open”

Well, my annual Christmas biscotti factory rolled into life last night around 8:00.  I got 4 double batches of dough made up before running out of eggs.  They cuddled together for warmth in the fridge till this morning, when I pulled one out to start the long baking process.  For those of you who have never made biscotti, it goes something like this….

-Mix up the dough (by hand with a wooden spoon)

-Chill the dough

-Shape dough into logs using your hands (you have to keep them wet the whole time or it sticks)

-Bake logs for half an hour (maximum of two at a time)

-Cool logs

-Slice logs and arrange slices on parchment covered baking sheet

-Bake again for 10-12 minutes

-Pull out slices, flip them all over

-Bake again for 10-12 minutes

-Cool on racks

-Melt white or dark chocolate till smooth and drizzle over slices

-Top with almonds or toffee chips or whatever else you want to use

-Wait till chocolate cools completely

-Package up for gift giving

-And all of this makes…a little under two dozen pieces…if you’re lucky and none of it breaks or cracks or burns.

So yes, it’s a pain, but it’s what I do every Christmas.  I’m not planning on doing any other Christmas baking for gifts except for maybe some pumpkin, banana, and zucchini breads.  But compared to the biscotti, they’re about as difficult as breathing. 

 I’m experimenting this year though, and trying some peppermint biscotti.  No idea how it will turn out, but it sounds interesting and I thought all those hot chocolate drinkers out there might enjoy it.  I’m also making cranberry almond orange, almond toffee, and some of the traditional anise seed biscotti (if I find time). 

Okay, better run.  I need to put together a grocery list for Matt.  First thing on it: four dozen eggs.

Me and Jessica

Playing in the leaves.  Yet another layout I did for the Sassacraft contest.  Not my usual style at all, but I really like it.  I was also fun to actually do some photos that were from a while back, too.

My First Mini Album

Final project for the Sassacraft Contest.  I made this mini-album totally from scratch.  It’s 7×7 and contains lots of my favorite products.  It was lots of fun, but I only had a few (literally!) hours to make it.  I had made the front cover a few days ago and then threw the rest of it together Saturday night and a little bit on Sunday morning.  It really only took around 3 hours to complete if you leave out the front cover. 



  • Basic Grey Urban Couture Paper, Monogram “K”, chipboard bookplate
  • MME Bohemia Rub-Ons
  • Hero Arts Stone Etchings Stamps
  • 7gypsies stickers
  • DistressInks in Vintage Photo and Walnut Stain
  • MM brads
  • Lots of fibers, trim, and ribbons from various places
  • Lots of acrylic paints (for front)
  • Iron on #7 from a sewing section
  • La Plume, Gelly Roll, and various pens
  • notebook paper and tags

Pages Done Update

Gma K – 81 pages

Grandparent’s album – 13 pages

My Stuff – approx 45

 Cards – well over 500

…is a sad thing.  But while the laptop is being repaired it’s my reality.  The camera just isn’t compatible with this old computer.

I’ve been mostly getting ready for my first Memory Works open house this Saturday.  It’s exciting, but a little stressful.  And the living/dining area is looking strange because I’ve had to push all the furniture around to make space to work. 

So what have I been doing creatively?  Hmmmm…I made a card design for a make and take for Saturday that I’m very happy with.  I’ve been working on a mini-book cover made with lots of chipboard and paint.  I made a bunch of christmas decorations–like a retro-modern glitter forest on top of the bookshelf.  LOL–it’s kinda weird, but I like it.  Covered LOTS of ornaments in glitter.  Wrapped presents to coordinate with my Starbucks trees and favorite Crate and Barrel gift boxes.  Framed another page of the yummy yummy BG fruitcake paper.  Worked on decorating some stuff around the house.  Experimented with making a accordian book in a tin from scratch–turning out nicely, but I haven’t put anything on the pages yet. No time. 

I made a batch of banana bread and some of those lemon meltaway cookies (ate way too many of them!).  Some incredible really low fat, low calorie chicken chili with black beans.  SOOOOO GOOD!  Prepped baked ziti type dish to pop in the oven for tonight. 

 And today I’m attempting to take pics for a “day in the life” layout that I’ll (hopefully) put together on Sunday.  I’m having to resort to all sorts of strange things without a decent computer though.

 Hoping to have some pictures to share soon.  Now back to getting things ready for the party.  I have some cookies to bake and kitchen to clean up and a whole lot of make and take organizing to do. 

…i’m a bad blogger. sorry. no time plus no laptop equals no blogging. or at least very little. i’ve posted a couple times on the scrapping one, but even that is minimal. i promise more when we get the computer back.

autumn’s latest favorite things to do:

  • climbing in the empty cupboard next to the fridge (very small, but very deep) until only her feet are showing. then, while she’s laying there in the dark she sings to herself.
  • pulling out all of my rubber stamps and “organizing” them all over the office–putting them in rows all with the same side facing out, stacking them, whatever.
  • pulling ALL the toys from the toybox and throwing them around the room. as a result, the toybox temporarily has a big bungie cord wrapped all around it, sealing it shut.
  • getting hurt–we’re going through a very accident prone period I guess. toes closed in doors, falling off of everything, walking into the bookshelf, slipping and banging her head on the floor, climbing into places and getting stuck, poor girl is covered in scratches, bruises, and bumps.
  • playing with clothes–she’s developed radar for finding clothes everywhere and pulling stuff over her head. sometimes i’ll find her with three extra layers on.

New Use for Photo Corners

I’ve done a couple layouts now using photo corners to make 3D flowers.  I really like them–started out as a way to use up some of these old corners, now I may have to buy more.  They actually look better on a larger LO, but this is the one I have the pic for at the moment: 

 All you do is ink, fold in half, and stick the corner on in the shape of a flower with a glue dot.  You can fold them so they stick up in the middle or down in the middle (I did both here).  Let me know what you think…

Busy busy busy

I have a few layouts I would LIKE to upload.  But will the computer cooperate?  Of course not.  So anyway…

Still in the sassacraft contest.  The last challenge was to design a kit–lots of fun, actually.  I could do that every month for sure.  So cool to be able to pick everything out and coordinate it all.  Loved it!!  Of course, I went with the new Basic Grey Blush line.  I’m itching to get my hands on some, but I refuse to buy any until at least after Christmas. 

 Crazy here.  Autumn has decided it is her job to follow me around and take out everything I put away.  And I mean EVERYTHING!  She’s about to make me crazy.  And way way too much Christmas prep to get done before the open house on the 9th. 

 Anyway, better get back to my make and take kits for the HOGS crop this Saturday.  I’ll be uploading some photos whenever I’m able to get the computer to cooperate.