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I’ve finally finished my big project that I’ve been working on for the last couple of months.  It’s certainly the largest scrapping project I’ve ever completed.  I’m really hoping it will be appreciated, as I put a massive amount of work into it. 

 This was not a good morning.  I rolled out of bed to realize I have to do laundry if I want anything clean to wear.  Went to let the dog out only to discover she’s made a mess of her pen.  That, and I have a TON of things on my mind.  Far too many things that are supposed to get done today, and no where near enough time to do them.

Ikea and other things…

It was an Ikea day today. We have been planning on going for about a year. And finally, we went. We were really looking for some organizational stuff and for an armoire type thing for our TV. We were not successful looking for the latter, but we did get some organizational stuff, some magnetic boards (I’ve been wanting some for ages), an area rug (WAY on sale!), shelving and a table top for Matt’s office, some Christmas presents for Autumn, and some pretty ornaments.

I also finished a big project today that’s been in the works for the last couple of months. (Definitely the biggest scrapping project I’ve ever completed.) Hopefully it will be a hit. Should know soon. 🙂

Our house is stuck somewhere in the middle between fall and Christmas decor. Since we’re not doing Thanksgiving here it’s kind of confused.

Some Layouts

Sorry these are bad pictures (taking them in the dark inside, so there’s really no chance of getting a decent one).  These are projects I’m working on for the Sassacraft challenges.  They really do look better in real life.

This is one about”my” bench in D.C. where I used to escape for a quiet lunch.

This is a two-page LO on Christmas Inspiration.  Mostly pics from my projects so far this year, as well as a couple cut from the Christmas Pier One catalog.  I had so many more pictures I wanted to put on here, but I would need several more pages.

Also, generally I HATE anything that I write.  But I was tired of this layout and decided to just freehand something for the title without anything to work off of.  And I’m really happy with how it turned out.  🙂  So here’s a detail pic.


(Sorry, yelling at myself there.)  I have to get some layouts done today and I have to get them done fast.  Before I leave town for a week.  Specially since a bunch of them are going to have to go with me.  But all I want to do is play around on the computer and stuff.  Okay, now Autumn’s waking up and I’m going to have to get to work with her.

Elsie-I know there are some people out there who aren’t crazy about her style.  I’m not one of them!  Well, I’ll admit, I don’t think I’ll ever wear my hair in pigtales or things like that.  But her scrapping style is so much fun!

ArtsyMama- This is probably the blog I visit the most frequently right now.  She does the most beautiful projects and posts the most inspiring pictures.  Everything about this blog is so cool!  I get so much inspiration from her!

AE Newsletter- Ali Edwards–her blog is awesome and even more awesome is the fact that you can sign up there to recieve a weekly newsletter packed full of inspiration.  Only problem is, if you’re like me, your to do list of projects grows far faster than you can complete it. 

Teresa McFayden– definitely the newcomer in my list.  I found out about her blog through ArtsyMama’s link list (she’s got a GREAT one-check it out).  I’m LOVING those advent calendars.  Yet another project to add to that growing to do list.  Maybe I’ll get caught up enough by next year. 

There are so many other places online that I love to visit and draw inspiration from, but those are the current top favorites.  Where do you get your inspiration?

Autumn’s molars are really bothering her. She’s been running a mild temp the last couple days and wants to be cuddled lots. One molar is through in the back. And it’s sharp–when I tried to feel it, she chomped down on my finger and left a mark. The rest of her gums are all swollen and angry looking. Poor girl. 😦

Oh, I’ve got another project done.  Very different for me.  Will add a picture sometime tomorrow after I’m able to take one.  (Here’s the pic.)

I’m only doing this since we’re not doing thanksgiving at our house and because I’m planning a party in early December…But I’ve started gathering together Christmas stuff.  I’ve got a wagon full of decorations and a big basket of scrapbooking and craft items.  And a whole POUND each of red and silver glitter.  I’m really looking forward to decorating, since this is the first time I’ve ever been able to actually do it in my own home. 

The last photo is the first christmas “project” I’ve made.  Not very much, but I think it looks cool.  Basic Grey “Dasher” paper with a glittery star from target and a piece of vintage trim.  I’m planning on framing lots of papers and such. 


Update on Autumn

  • She’s a big girl! At her last Dr.’s appointment she came in in the 95th percentile in height and just above the 50th percentile in weight. She’s not a very big eater. It’s kind of funny though, ’cause it looks like we might have a tall one on our hands. Guess she must have gotten my family’s genes there. 😉
  • She talks NON-STOP. Most of the time it’s still just babbling, but it never stops. She talks to all of her toys in this funny high-pitched voice that she uses just for them. (Sometimes when I put her down for a nap, I’ll hear her in there talking and playing happily for HOURS.) She “reads” all of her books in another funny voice that is reserved just for books. And then she talks to us…a lot! It’s gotten to the point where she’s learning a new word at least every day. Yesterday was “shoes”–she loves the “zzzz” sound at the end of the word, so it’s more like “shooozzzzzzzzz”hen she says it, but it’s still very easy to understand. (She loves playing with them, so it’s really not surprising that she figured out how to say it.) She says “outside” now, and she’s also attempted repeating “I love you,” but she can’t quite manage getting all the sounds in the right places. If Matt or I make any sound at her, she tries to repeat it–it can be very amusing.
  • She still sucks her thumb and rubs her belly button or her ear (depending on which thumb she is sucking) a lot of the time, especially when sleepy. We can no longer put her in onsies and actually fasten the snaps on the bottom, because she has to be able to pull up her shirt to get to her belly button or she gets really mad.
  • She is incredibly destructive–nothing is safe! And the house can’t be kept neat unless she’s out of it. Lately she just wants to get out everything and spread it around, so there isn’t any floor showing through the mess. Maybe it’s her way of getting back at me for removing all the carpet and making the floors slippery.
  • She loves music. And she’s figured out how to turn on the TV and the DVD/CD stereo. She’ll get the music going and just bop all over the living room. (We need to get an entertainment center to get everything out of her reach. )
  • She loves her daddy! One of her favorite times of the day is when Matt gets home from work. She greets him at the door with squeals of delight and just can’t wait till he changes and plays with her. She loves to “wrestle” on the floor–which means basically that she throws herself at him in WWE-style bodyslams over and over again.