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Bunch of new pages over the last week.  But, again, they’re all gifts, so I can’t post them publically.  But maybe after Christmas.  🙂

I’ve been wondering lately just how many pages I have done this year, so far.  I need to add them up.  So, as I think of things that I’ve done I’m going to write them down here and eventually add them up.

 G’ma K–80

Autumn’s Book–27?

Gift Pages–7?


 Cards–unknown, but (counting invites) I’d guess a minimum of 500.


listed items on etsy last night and when i got up this morning the cards were already sold.  to someone in wa.  huh.  listed another set of butterfly cards if you’re interested.


Well, I did it.  I opened an Etsy shop.  I only have one item listed so far.  Hopefully, I’ll get a couple more things up over the next few days.  I’m not going to get too terribly involved in it, until I see if anything is going to sell.  We’ll see.  Here is a link.

Quick update

Just to let you know–I am still alive.  Having issues with the laptop so the last few days have been taken up with trying to back everything up before it goes to the doctor.  You would not believe how many photos are on it.  I can’t believe how many there are–and I took just about all of them.

And I am still doing some scrapbooking, too.  Mostly concentrating on the contest over at Sassacraft–when it’s over I’ll post the LOs here.  REALLY need to get to work on the Christmas projects as well. 


Detail of Comp Book

My second one…not crazy about it, but oh well…

Memory Works!

I’m now officially a Memory Works consultant!  I should be getting in my consultant stuff/catalogs in the next week or so.  So if anyone wants a catalog or is interested in hosting a party, just let me know! 

…is keeping me from blogging much right now. Autumn has the chicken pox and is absolutely miserable, so she’s pretty much taking up all my time. Also, the laptop isn’t really working, so I’m stuck with the old SLOW desktop. All that to say, don’t expect much in the way of posts for a while.

one girl demolition team

This is an all too common scene in our house. Whether it’s the books from the shelves, the laundry from the basket, the toys from the box, the trash from the wastebasket, the toys from the bathtub. You name it.

If there is a quiet moment in the house you can bet there’s a little girl making a big mess. And feeling oh so proud of herself. Check out that grin. 🙂