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Scrapping Space

I’ve got one wall in our office/craft/storage/guest room. We haven’t redecorated since we moved here–just about every other room is a higher priority right now. I still have some more stuff to put away from the last crop, but it’s quasi-oraganized at the moment. 🙂

These awesome HUGE bookshelves came from an estate sale. The middle cupboard in the one on the right opens up to make more desk space.

Oh, and most of the stamps belong to my MIL, but she didn’t have space to store them at her house–so I store them for her and get to use them. 🙂

Bead, button, brad, etc storage…

inspiration board

I’ll probably be putting up some more pictures at some point, but that’s all for now. 🙂

The Hit Gift

My blog is boring. Everyone else seems to have all these thoughts and discussions of big ideas (or at least little ones). They discuss the topics on the news or in books they have just read or from classes they are taking.

Mine is just a badly kept journal.

Oh well.

Still addicted to it.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot to do today in preparation for heading to Ohio on Saturday morning. A bucket of orange cannas to get planted. Some of that pretty purple groundcover (no one knows what it’s called) to plant after I figure out where it should go. An oakleaf hydrangea to plant (again, after I figure out where it should go). Red canna tubers to box up for Jessica. Three more mums to get into a pot on the front steps. LOTS of housecleaning. Need to water everything inside and out. Oh, and laundry and, of course, packing for the trip. Lovely.

We had a birthday party for Autumn (and her grandpa) last night at the coffee shop. Turned out to be the perfect place to have it.

Right around the corner, but not at home–convenient, but didn’t have to clean up for company.
Quiet–we pretty much had the place to ourselves until the shift change at the hospital when it suddenly filled with nurses.

Friendly baristas–the fact that we had 9 people there all ordering meals and drinks in the evening and leaving nice tips probably had something to do with it.

It was nice and very simple.

The best thing though–the coffee. This place has better coffee and espresso drinks than anywhere I have ever been before. A zillion times better than Starbucks. A zillion times better than any of the local places we used to visit in NoVA and DC. It’s weird because no one is really into coffee down here. If they want coffee they go order some at Burger King. So I’m not sure if the local place here will be able to stay in business–but I HOPE so. I LOVE THEIR COFFEE.

And the odd zombie horror dolls are gone now too. So the ambiance has definitely improved. Oh, speaking of which–we stopped by The Joshua Cup near Matt’s work the other day. He wrote about it on his blog. But their decor was really cool–they used old wood doors, minus the windows and some panels, and hung from the ceiling as room dividers (something I’ve always wanted to do). Anyway, the decor was really good, but the latte was icky. Tasted like milk and vanilla with maybe a tablespoon of watery coffee. Definitely not like the place around the corner–their lattes make you sit up and take notice.

Well, I’ll try to get some party pictures posted at some point today–that was a lot of p’s.

Did another 2-page layout.  Started last night and wrapped it up while Matt and Autumn were still sleeping this morning.  I’m really happy with how it turned out, but can’t post here, as it’s a gift for someone.  Even though I doubt they read this, better to be on the safe side.

Anyway, it was different for me–no photos.  And with lots of sanding things and adding walnut stain distress ink.  Fun.  No photo pages are always a challenge.

Eventually I’d like to get some more distress ink.  This is the first pad I’ve ever purchased–1/2 off at Hobby Lobby–and I think I’m hooked.  Of course, there are quite a few other things on my current wishlist too.  🙂

This is one of a set of cards I made using scraps from that last layout.  All the cards are different, but the same general design.  Never have too many thank yous.  This one went to Tara for the baby clothes.

I did this page for the designing with color challenge #1. It’s supposed to be a monochromatic layout using patterned papers. I did mine all in blue, since it’s a pool picture. I’ve been itching to try masking tape on a LO, and what’s cooler than masking tape? BLUE masking tape of course!


-all patterned paper: My Mind’s Eye

-brads: Making Memories

-ribbon, “embrace” bead, “1” metal embellishment: off of clearance racks and out of clearance bins somewhere along the way.

-tag: Basic Grey

ok, so i haven’t been using wordpress very long, but the images feature stinks.  It’s really not user friendly.  Not at all intuitive and drives me nuts.

On the other hand, it’s free.  And it’s got the awesome categories, so you can find what you’re looking for.