I’m actually getting tired of tomatoes. Yesterday I worked on everything I had picked the night before. I froze another 5 quarts of Romas and diced up a big bowlful for more salsa that I’m hoping to make at some point today. (But since I’m babysitting lbl, no idea if that will actually happen.) Then, I looked outside yesterday evening and realized that the garden is full of ripe red tomatoes again and I have to get out and pick them before the creatures do.

(I also need to pick beans–desperately! Wesley, if you do come to visit, I think this should be one of your chores while you’re here. 😉 And for anyone else reading, don’t worry. If you come visit I won’t give you chores–unless you’re another one of my little brothers. ;-))

I have a recipe for salsa that I’ve been messing with (I just can’t leave a recipe alone). It’s been okay, but I was wondering if anyone out there has a favorite recipe I could try. I know that this won’t be the last batch I make this summer. (Last year our garden did terribly, but we were still getting a few tomatoes in December.)

I know this is odd, but it’s true. I love gardening–I like the planting, I like caring for the plants, I don’t even really mind having to water for several hours a day (though I can no longer do that). But I really dislike picking and preserving the resulting produce. It’s just so tedious and somehow anticlimactic. Not to mention the fact that it always leaves my kitchen a disaster.

Anyway, better run. Lbl should have been here 30 minutes ago, so he’ll probaby get here pretty soon and I need to make sure everything’s ready for him.