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is getting fixed and had to be shipped off. however, we were able to get a desktop for $5 at a garage sale over the weekend, so all’s good. matt has had to spend a long time running stuff to get rid of viruses and massive amounts of spyware. first time i tried to check my email, i think there were about 15 popups in the couple minutes i was on. it was pretty cool though, cause we got the computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard all for $5 and it works great (once matt got the superfluous stuff off). at the next garage sale they had the same type of computer for $85, plus the monitor for another $25.

anyway…probably won’t be any updates for a while because the only way i was able to update so often before was because i could have the laptop and type while watching autumn where she happened to be. too much stuff in the office for her to get into, so updates will probably be minimal over the next few weeks.

new phone and number

just fyi. got a new phone and phone number so if i forgot to email you the new one, let me know.

for those of you (jessica :-p), who are about to complain about not having any pictures of autumn, there is a reason. she’s had a constantly runny nose for the last week and her eyes have been red, so i haven’t been taking pictures because she looks kind of gross no matter how much i wipe her nose and wash her face. she’s feeling better now (started sleeping again), but she looks yucky most of the time.

on a positive note, she has learned to come when you call her. she looks up, sees you calling, gives you a huge grin and comes crawling forward as fast as she can all the while making very excited noises. she has a very funny crawl. one hand and then the other, one knee forward and then she drags the other leg along behind her. she always looks like she’s moving sideways, but she actually manages to move forward. if you watch her crawl it makes you laugh. especially because she’s always so excited about it. and then when she gets to you and you swing her up into your arms, she wraps her arms around your neck and squeezes hard while she buries her face in your neck giggling. she leaves her head there for a second while hugging you, then she pulls back and gives you a huge grin. it’s very sweet (though it can be messy with a runny nose ;-)).

she also thinks it’s absolutely hysterical to crawl up behind me when i’m washing dishes and grab the back of my leg and bang her head against it.

Yesterday Matt was off and we ran errands pretty much all day. The library to get a new card and browse through the books until Autumn was just too happy and squealing and we had to get her out of there. Post office to mail an old cell phone to my parents. Bank to change a bunch of account information. Wal-Mart. Grocery shopping. Garden center. Matt’s parent’s to pick up some things. It was very busy.

But it was actually very fun. Autumn was happy and I was happy since Matt was off. 🙂 Also, I bought some flowers to plant. As much as I love having a garden full of veggies, and as pretty as they can be…there’s still something so much nicer about actually having flowers.

I’m being stupidly optimistic and planting a bunch out in the bed I put in under the magnolia tree in the front yard. Every time I’ve tried to plant anything there the squirrels dig it up. But I’m trying yet again. I don’t know what’s wrong with me–it’s really stupid.

I’ve also been putting together a couple of container arrangements. We’ll see if they end up working. I pulled up some ivy from our yard for something to cascade from the pots and I’m not sure if it’s going to stay alive…we’ll see. I also got some hummingbird-attracting flowers to put in under the big window in the living room. We have a hummingbird feeder out there and it was really fun to watch them out there all last summer (when I was so sick I spent all day every day lying on the couch reading, watching tv, and watching the hummingbirds).

Since I don’t have much time for reading, this one has taken me a couple weeks to get through. I really enjoyed the book (thanks to ben’s mom for the recommendation :-)). And I actually didn’t think it was depressing, just true. However, it’s one of those books that really made me want more…as in digging up some good literary criticism and slowly going over it again. Picking at it to see if there’s a way of getting inside.

It’s made me realize (again) just how much I miss the resources we had at PHC. Trying to find some criticism on it through our library that isn’t in the reference section (I don’t much like reading in the library) has been an adventure. I finally got a biography and placed requests for a couple of interlibrary loans. But I was really longing to get on J-stor and print things out to my heart’s content, like we could in school.

Anyway…other than the fact that I really enjoyed it, I’m not quite sure what to think of EofE. There are several parts I want to re-read and think about. It’s a book that I really wished I owned instead of getting it from the library, because I guarantee that if I owned it it would be packed full of notes and underlines. As it is, I just had to use those little sticky arrows to mark pages that need re-reading and this means I miss a lot of things and it makes it very hard to hold onto your thoughts about certain passages. At least for me–but then, I have a hard time remembering anything unless I write it down. 🙂

There was one short chapter in particular that really caught my attention because it seemed to be saying something very familiar. I think something from C.S. Lewis I read recently–I need to look that up.

I guess if I were to summarize what I’m thinking about EofE, I would say that I was amazed by how much universal truth it contained–hard ugly truths, truths of an incredible sharp beauty, the truth of the ever-unfolding story of mankind’s flawed generations.

poor baby

Autumn is sick. She’s had a cold for the last couple days and it’s developing into a cough, too. She’s supposed to go to the doctor tomorrow to get shots, but I think I’m going to call and cancel since she’s already sick. She’s restless and not sleeping well at all. Poor girl. 😦




Eggplant and Tomatoes

The garden really does look good this year. These pictures don’t do it justice ’cause there’s no way of getting the whole thing in. Also, they make it look all out of proportion and like the plants are on top of each other. In reality, it actually looks very orderly. How that happened, I’ll never know. 😉

All of my mums from last fall have come back. Both the ones I planted and the potted ones. Most are about to bloom, this one has just started. It just finished raining.

Spring is so much earlier. I still don’t like the hot summer and I even kinda miss the cold winters. But I was talking to my family and they still can’t plant anything yet. On the other hand we have a lot of things ready to eat already. The rain the last few days has sent everything into overdrive. A lot of our lettuce is going to seed (I already have a third batch planted and just about ready to eat though). Today I was working on the tomatoes and noticed that we actually have some beans about ready too. 🙂 BTW, that is a quarter in the picture, something is off with the lighting and it made it look the wrong color.