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Update from Autumn Elizabeth

Mommy went to a hat party for one of Grandma’s friends who is having chemo. This is me, modeling the hat that I gave. It’s very shiny.

Daddy was gone most of the day working on someone’s driveway. I missed him. Mommy is okay, but she doesn’t play as much. All she seemed to want to do today was bake bread and wash dishes. She also tried to read to me, but I wasn’t interested in books today.

I go to the doctor tomorrow. Daddy says I’m going to get more shots. I don’t like shots. They hurt. But at least after tomorrow Mommy and Daddy will be able to answer questions about how big I am. They never seem to know.

Mommy keeps taking me outside and trying to show me flowers in the yard. But I don’t really get what all the excitement is about. I just think it is too bright and I try to keep my eyes shut. It’s better when she takes me out in my stroller, because then the sun doesn’t get in my eyes as much.

I’m going to go to bed now. Goodnight.

For Beth

The first of the daffodils.

…even if I don’t.

We just received a package from the dc area. An anonymous package. A package with lots of gift cards in it.

It really made our day. 🙂 It’s awesome to know there are people out there who care that much.

It is very, very, very much appreciated! Thank you so much!!!


While I was taking pictures of Autumn, she interupted and untied her shoes.

This giraffe has been one of Autumn’s favorite toys since she was only a couple weeks old.


Autumn’s not actually eating any solid foods yet, but occasionally I’ll let her taste something. I’ve been trying to avoid the sweet foods…but the ones that she has decided she likes are kinda weird. She didn’t like sweet potatoes, but mashed potatoes were okay…as long as she just licked them and didn’t get them in her mouth. If they got in her mouth she spit them out and made nasty faces.

I can be a mean mom–I decided to see how Autumn would react to dill pickles, assuming she would be in shock and make funny faces…

She tasted it…made a funny face…and then grabbed my hand and stuck the pickle back in her mouth. And she wouldn’t let me take it away after that. She sat there and slurped on it until we had to leave the restaurant. She had the same reaction to green olives.

So she likes formula and pickled vegetables…hmmm….

Big Smile

This is Autumn’s usual “people” smile. It’s hard to catch it on camera, though, because she always realizes that the camera is out and plays shy and only gives me little grins instead. This is the one that everyone who looks at her or talks to her in person gets all the time now.

This is Autumn doing her morning pushups under her gym. She usually likes to get up, eat and listen to a book, play with her toys on the floor for an hour or so, and then take her morning nap. Somewhere over the last couple of weeks, she discovered that she can flip over and do push ups and wrestle with her toys instead of just being on her back and kicking at the gym. As you can tell, she’s pretty happy with the new situation.

Matt’s gone at a Christian Coalition event all day and Autumn’s napping so…
Some pictures from last weekend. It was so much fun to have everyone here!

1) Schwartz waiting for a chance to shoot one of Bill’s black powder rifles.
2) Autumn as the center of attention.
3) Mark and Matt playing checkers.
4) All the guys (and Autumn) enjoying Starbucks at the CNN building.
5) Schwartz and Autumn playing with one of her favorite giraffes.


Autumn thinks her toes are completely fascinating. She pulls them up to her chin, but can’t quite get them into her mouth where she wants them. 🙂